What Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Prevent Your From Getting Life Coverage

Getting life insurance usually is very simple and straightforward, especially if you are young and healthy. But if you are old or with some medical problems, things get complicated and finding appropriate policies are harder to get.  There are a series of pre-existing medical conditions that prevent you from getting life coverage.  Even life insurance no exam policies have some exclusion for some diseases and sometimes obtaining life insurance becomes impossible.

Senior-man-with-male-MDLearn more about what diseases can flatline your chances of obtaining life insurance.

Cancer, under its numerous forms, is a disease that can seriously reduce your chances for a policy. Although the medicine has made remarkable progresses, the death toll is still high and we cannot fully control cancer. So, having cancer will determine the insurer to analyze carefully your application paper.

Depending on the type of cancer, you can get refused, or accepted, but with higher premiums and limited amount of coverage. This is also the case if you have leukemia. There are 4 types of leukemia and the treatment and chances of survival vary a lot.

Chronic diseases are another category of illnesses that can determine a company to refuse you. On this list you can also include obesity and smoking. No matter how weird it may sound, smoking, drinking and obesity are regarded as diseases. This is because these conditions favor development of lung cancer or heart diseases.

Also, drinking too much can cause cirrhosis and is a major cause for DUI car accidents.  Alzheimer, Parkinson and other age related problems are also on the list of exclusion for many companies.  If you have a critical disease, in terminal phase, the chances are again almost zero. You may still find insurance, but the prices will be extremely high.  For more information you should consult a life insurance broker or the internet. You will surely find testimonials, advices and accurate life insurance quotes.

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