Tips for a healthy diet for people suffering of osteoporosis!

Aging is an inevitable natural process, it is a part of the circle of life and whether we like it or not, we must all face it. With age many complications are being felt by the elderly, some of them quite disturbing and pain-giving. Our body is programmed to function only for a limited time, and as the time is running out, internal organs are beginning to slowly shut down.  At the moment, the only concern should be the legacy left behind and how to preserve a pleasant memory.

Osteoporosis is one type of bone disease hated by every senior citizen. Those who suffer of it present weaker, demineralized bones, with deteriorated micro-architecture.  Frailer bones mean an increased risk of fractures. A fall that would normally be harmless, for a sick person will cause a bone fracture. These are called osteoporotic fractures and are the only symptoms manifested by the disease. Otherwise osteoporosis can go unnoticed. Ribs, hips, vertebral Columns and wrists are the most frequent bones affected.

Both men and women are affected by osteoporosis, but women can develop a primary form after menopause. The second type is present at both genders, after the age of 75 years. There are very many causes that can lead to bone demineralization, but the most important are: excess alcohol, vitamin D deficiency, lack of physical activity, endocrine disorders, malnutrition, hematologic disorders and some genetic inherited disorders.

Amongst treatments a healthy diet is recommended. There are many good sources for calcium, to compensate the loss. Dairy products are very rich in calcium which can be easily absorbed by the organism. Although rich in calcium, dairy products present a high amount of saturated fat, which can lead to heart diseases, so be cautious with the consumed quantities. All sort of beans (kidney beans, white beans, black beans, black-eyed peas) are also a good source. Vegetables and greens should be on the list with: romaine lettuce, celery, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, and mushrooms.  You can spice up the meal with some dill weed, cinnamon, peppermint leaves, oregano, garlic, basil or even thyme. Salmon, oranges, cereals and sea vegetables are a must if you want to fortify your bones.

If you are senior citizen you should also be concerned about the persons you leave behind, not to focus only on yourself. In these final years, leaving a nice memory and helping the remaining ones with all the financial support is something worth thinking about. Many companies know that time is essential now and any moment is precious and they can offer insurances without putting you on a long line for a medical exam.   Surfing over the internet will certainly display a no medical life insurance quote.

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