Strength training – solution for building muscles!

Are you having difficulties in carrying your shopping bags or moving the bed or furniture in general? Strengthening muscles is one of the best ways for people to maintain longer their health and youth. Moreover, it stimulates their metabolism, stops bone degradation and gives people more energy.  Muscles become stronger and increase in volume when subjected to forces greater than those they are accustomed to, but decrease in strength and size when they are not sufficiently used in one way or another. Muscle mass reaches its peak around the age of 30 and gradually decreases until after the age of 50 when the decline becomes more distinctive.

56569664However, if people are physically active, the pace of muscles volume decline is much smaller. According to some studies, older people who did strength exercises for 15 years or more are as strong or stronger than the inactive young ones of 20 years of age. If people want stronger muscles, they strain more than usual. After the muscles adapt to a new weight, people must increase the load again if they want to go to the next level of strength.                                                               

According to the principle mentioned above, a traditional program of strength exercises involves adding more and larger weights as you get stronger, an increased frequency of exercise or a combination of these three factors. To take care and rest their muscles, people should have at least one full day of rest between training sessions. The period of rest is very important because it allows muscles to recover after the stress to which they were subjected.

If you have just started doing physical exercises with weights, it is vital that a specialist should check your technique because exercises can be performed incorrectly and evidently it’s hard for you to check yourself. This can be done at the gym where you can get instructions regarding exercises with weights or you can hire a personal trainer for several sessions.

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