Smoking – a never-ending health problem!

You may have heard that smoking is by far the most damaging thing to human health, regardless of age. Even if it is legalized, tobacco is still a drug. It is true that cigarettes in comparison with illegal drugs do not produce a strong addiction, but they contain dangerous carcinogenic substances and can cause other illnesses. This is valid also for passive smokers; for them too there is really no safe threshold, to which a smaller amount could not cause cancer. Smoking stains teeth and causes an unpleasant odor for non- smokers.

smoking-acneFortunately, it is never too late to take advantage of the benefits of quitting this bad and harmful habit. Obviously there are many new and effective methods to manage to quit smoking.
In their unconscious, smokers make their own body more harm than if they eat a pizza every day and would not resort to any physical activity whatsoever. If you have tried to quit smoking and have not succeeded, there is always time to try again and again.

It is good to know and to be aware that smoking causes millions of deaths each year by coronary heart disease and millions of medical consultations each year. But before smoking kills you slowly and safely, it will also accelerate aging, i.e., skin dryness and wrinkling. Moreover, smoking thickens artery walls due to plaque deposit.

Studies have shown that carotid arteries of smokers are as thick as those of non-smokers who are  ten years older! Usually, it is known that smoking takes away years of life and that almost half of smokers die on average 15-25 years earlier than they should.

In addition to early death from cancer or heart disease, smoking causes lung damage such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. People who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day have three times more risk to develop pneumonia than non-smokers. By decreasing the estrogen levels in men and women, smokers are rushing the loss of bone mass. For example, if a woman smokes 20 cigarettes a day, she will enter in the menopause stage with 5-10% less bone mass than a non-smoker woman. In men, smoking can affect sexual performance by the obstruction heart vessels that will eventually lead to impotence.

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