No physical exam for a term life insurance

What is a life insurance?

A life insurance is a way of financial protection of an individual and his family. As a means of individual protection, life insurance creates additional income for a certain time of life by providing capital or pension. Providing a life insurance is a financial resource of an individual’s family in the most pleasant moments of his life as well as in certain unfortunate situations such as death or disability. Moreover, life insurance is supporting the individual when he needs financial support after an accident.

Few are the Americans who have a life insurance, if they do not take into consideration those who were forced by circumstances to sign such insurance when they took out a loan. Many see it as an extra expense, others just as a place to save when you have some unfortunate events total. There are companies that provide a life insurance without a physical exam up to $250,000 but this is the case when you have a mortgage or if you are under age 30.

Can I buy a term life insurance without any physical exam?

Even if it seems peculiar people can get a term life insurance no physical exam. If you do not want to take blood tests and you simply do not like doctors you can still qualify for a term life insurance policy. Even if you are an occasional recreational drug user or drinker of alcoholic beverages and do not want to take a blood test you can still purchase a term life insurance. This insurance allows prospective term coverage buyers to purchase a policy regardless of their premiums being based on their health status. This type of coverage is a common option for elderly people that have long-term illness but also for individuals employed in high-risk working places such as fire and rescue squad departments, mining, military or police departments.

Customers can choose a policy with a term of 10 years, 20 years or 30 years when purchasing coverage. There are also policies that can allow parents to buy a term life insurance with no physical exam policy at the child’s birth and it will last until the child will be 21. In case the children become chronically ill, mentally or physically disabled, they would be guaranteed coverage until they reach the legal age mentioned earlier. When the child turns 21 he or she can add or get rid of the coverage according to their own needs.

What does a life insurance provides in addition?

Besides protection, a life insurance is also a safe way of saving in good conditions of a capitalization and protection from inflation. It also provides family protection and financial independence for children during studies or the beginning of marriage. It preserves a guaranteed maintenance of the lifestyle, regardless of the situations in which the insured passes a certain point and, last but not least, prosperity and security interests in business, a quiet life and a carefree pension.

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