No Exam Life Insurance In Case You Had A Heart Attack

People who suffered a heart attack in the past can still get life insurance under certain conditions. Life insurance no exam plans are available for people with heart diseases and had a heart attack. Since someone is more likely to die if he or she has a heart attack, life insurance is very important. Life coverage can help you provide the financial stability your family needs.

heart problems 2What is no exam life insurance?

No exam life insurance is a common name under which more policies are grouped simplified issue, final expense, guaranteed acceptance issue. All of these plans have one important thing in common: they do not ask for medical examinations in order to qualify for coverage. Instead, the underwriting process is reduced to completing an application form. Keep in mind though that this doesn’t mean that anyone can get coverage. People who have been declared terminal ill or suffer of certain diseases are not eligible for coverage.

How to get life coverage if you had a heart attack?

In order to be eligible for no exam life insurance, you have to answer “no” to a series of questions. We recommend applying first for a simplified issue policy, because it has cheaper rates and offers better coverage.

Simplified issue is a temporary policy and in order to qualify for a life insurance plan, you have to meet some requirements. Since you do not have to take medical examinations, you will not have to offer important details about your heart’s condition. Agencies will be interested in two important things:

  • When did you have your first heart attack? You will be able to qualify only if you had your first heart attack after the age of 50 years.
  • How much has passed since your last heart attack? In order to be eligible for insurance at least a year has to pass since your last heart attack.

In conclusion, people who have heart problems can qualify for no medical exam life insurance. The underwriting process is simple and accessible to most people. An application form can be completed online and you can compare quotes for free by visiting our website!