No Exam Life Insurance and Smoking!

 Smoking has a big impact on every life insurance policy’s premiums. Because of the many health risks associate with using tobacco, agencies will increase the rates of your policy as a way of covering potential risks. Life insurance without exam, although it offers a simplified underwriting process, will still be more expensive for smokers.

What is no exam life insurance?

No medical exam policies offer life coverage a lot easier and faster Smokers_11than a typical policy. The main feature is the simplified underwriting process. Usually, when applying for a policy you would have to take a series of medical examinations. By choosing this type of policy, you will not have to visit any doctor’s office. Skipping the complicated underwriting process saves you a lot of time and resources which makes getting life coverage a lot easier!


How does smoking affect your no exam life insurance rates?

Smoking will always increase your premiums. From an agency’s point of view, a smoker is someone who has consumed any tobacco products in the last 12 months. Answering “yes” to such a question will automatically put you in a risk category and you will not be able to get preferred plus rates. Smoking increase premiums three or four times, but it does not disqualify you from getting life insurance without exam!

Should a smoker get no medical exam life insurance?

Life insurance policies that do not require medical examinations are easy to qualify for and they are issued very fast (in 24 hours). However, these benefits come at an increase in premiums. No exam life insurance policies will always cost more than traditional policies and they are issued with a smaller value.

Smokers who are suffering from a pre-existing condition can qualify for a policy. In order to be eligible for coverage, you have to answer a series of medical questions. If you suffer from cancer, AIDS or are terminally ill, you will not be able to qualify for coverage!

Smokers should consider no medical exam life insurance policies as a last resort solution. The premiums will increase drastically because of your bad habit and keeping an expensive plan for a small benefit may not be worth it!

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