Life Insurance Without Medical Exams Available For Diabetics

People who have medical problems will face a great challenge when shopping for life insurance. Qualifying for a traditional policy can be difficult for a diabetic. This is not the case if you apply for no physical exam life insurance policies which offer coverage without asking for medical examinations.

diabetes2How is diabetes viewed by agencies?

Diabetes is a complicated medical condition which can have many consequences, all of them unpleasant. Although many diabetics can live long and fruitful lives, agencies still consider them risky to insure. Most agencies refuse to cover people suffering from diabetes, while others are more lenient.  If the patient has a healthier lifestyle, agencies may sell them a policy, but at higher costs.

Diabetics should not give up searching for life insurance and they should not be discouraged by refusals. Medical reports and good documentation can always help your cause.

What is no physical exam life insurance?

Unlike other policies, no medical exam life insurance doesn’t require for complicated and tiresome medical tests. This saves people a lot of money can open new opportunities for people who have pre-existing conditions. Some agencies will sell life insurance without asking for a medical examination. This speeds up the underwriting process and an applicant can get life coverage in less than 24 hours.

In order to qualify for coverage, you will need to answer some medical questions. Some policies (simplified issue) ask more questions, while others (final expense) fewer. No medical exam life insurance has a downside too as a policy can be expensive. The coverage is also limited to small amounts between 10,000 and 250,000.

The advantage

The main advantage of no physical exam life insurance policies for diabetics is the simplified underwriting process which makes it easier to qualify for coverage. Final expense insurance will insure diabetics as long as they have not been declared terminally ill. Final expense provides permanent coverage and it can help diabetics cover funeral taxes and other important expenses.

By purchasing a life insurance policy you make a big and important investment! Do not buy lightly. Instead, visit our website and compare the best quotes from top providers in the country!