Is It Difficult To Get Approved For Life Insurance No Med Exam If I Have Prostate Cancer?

Qualifying for life insurance no med exam required is easier compare to most insurance plans, but some pre-existing conditions are not accepted. Unfortunately prostate cancer is one of them. It is very difficult to get any life insurance if you are currently suffering from cancer.

prostate cancer life insuranceSince prostate cancer is very common in men and it is an average risk type of cancer, you may find some agencies that will insure you. It is important not to give up the search and to keep looking for no physical exam life insurance quotes.

Prostate cancer and life insurance

Prostate cancer is a common disease men face. If left untreated it leads to death and sometimes even treatment is inefficient. Cancer is a pre-existing condition and many insurance agencies will refuse to cover you. Former prostate cancer patients are eligible of coverage, but if you are currently suffering from this disease, your chances of getting a policy are very slim.

How to qualify for life insurance no med exam?

In order to qualify for a plan, you will have to complete a medical questionnaire. You will not have to visit any doctors or take any blood or urine tests. You can complete the questionnaire online. However, be aware that in order to be considered eligible, you have to answer “no” to all of the questions. Smoking will not disqualify you, but it will make the premiums a lot more expensive.

If you have suffered from prostate cancer, it is a lot easier to qualify for a plan. Make sure you search for a lot of no physical exam life insurance quotes before you purchase a policy. Remember that these types of plans are very expensive and offer limited coverage, so it is important to find the best rates.

In conclusion, people who suffer or suffered from prostate cancer will have a hard time qualifying for life coverage. In any situation, no medical exam life insurance is their best option. Although it is easier to qualify for a simplified issue policy, not everyone can get coverage. IF you experience difficulties, do not hesitate to discuss your case with an agent!

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