How To Get Life Insurance If You Have A Pre-existing Medical Condition

Having a disease, a disability or an injury is really terrible. But we must be thankful to modern medicine that has made huge steps in eradicating many viruses and even now is working on new treatments and cures.  Sadly, your condition will drastically reduce all the chances of getting life insurance.

life-insurance-for-the-elderly-2-300x200You represent a greater risk of dying than those that are healthy. Insurance agencies are aware of that and they constantly deny policies for those with pre-existing medical problems. Do not be disappointed, there are still many chances to get life insurance without exam and we can tell you how to get life insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

It all depends on your medical issue and if it is treated properly. Chronic diseases need special care and treatment and it would really be helpful if the treatment shows signs of progress.  Finding the right type of policy can really be difficult.

You must assess all your medical records and find someone able to understand your situation. As we mentioned before, companies that sell regular life insurance policies are a bit skeptical. You have more chances of dying during coverage than other, healthier clients. You might not even get accepted in the “Standard” category and risk to remain unprotected.

We recommend talking with a life insurance agent. He can tell you more about all available options and based on the info you can give, he can suggest what policy to take. You must tell more about your disease, treatment, budget and how much are the medical expenses. If the problems are too serious, the agent will usually recommend a type of no exam life insurance: simplified issue or guaranteed issue no exam life insurance.

You will not get the best rates, but you can still find affordable policies and you will be satisfied by all the benefits offered.

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