How To File A Life Insurance Claim

Life insurance companies provide protection in the limits stipulated in the bilateral contract. No matter if you have signed for permanent life insurance or term life insurance no physical exam; the company must do its best and provide financial assistance when needed. Learn how to file a life insurance claim to that respective insurer.

LifeInsurance-8There are certain steps that must be completed in order to successfully file a claim. If your dear one has deceased and you certainly know that he or she was insured, you must first find the policy.  Usually spouses tell each other where the most important documents stored are. If you do not know where the contract is, you must try searching all the cabinets, drawers or envelopes.

These are the usually places where people place their valuable documents. Once you have found the policy, check all the contact data and search if the company is still selling life insurance policies. If it does, call the company and announce that you want to file a claim.

A representative of the company will guide you for further assistance. The company will usually ask you to visit it and complete a series of documents. The insurer will certainly ask for documents like a certified copy of the death certificate.

After all initial formalities and documents are completed; you must decide and announce the company how you want to receive the proceeds from life insurance. Typically people choose to be paid with a regular lump sum or regular installments.  Take some time and now you should wait the money to arrive. This process can last even more than 2 months.

This is because the company must first look in its database and search for the insured. Next they must check if all the documents are correctly filled in and if the data is real.  Also they will check if you are a valid beneficiary, stated in the contract. Write to ACLI (American Council of Life insurance) if you are having problems finding the documents. They will conduct a search to try finding the policy.

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